This is KeenLace 2003.The Keenspace summertime answer to the Keenspot Bikkini summer.Basicaly it's your favorite keenspace characters in lingere pin-up form.

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7/29/03...again: Okay I rummaged through all the images I have that haven't been uploaded and the up side is I have most of them the down side is I know I'm missing at least two submissions from people namley all of Srdjan and Zhan's and I just want to be 100% sure whose is whose so If you're reading this and see one of the following pics is yours please E-mail me (Lewis) with all the info.(your name:,comic name:,comic url:,Characters:) Sorry about the inconvenience the PICS:123456

7/29/03:Crap crap crap crapity crap! alright sorry it took so long to inform people of this but my forum account is kaput.There is a keenevents page at I'm working my A** off to get the account thing fixed so I can start Bling space. I'm going to update with all the submissions I have yet to upload lickety split. Sorry about the delay my bad.

6/27/03:8 NEW PICS! WLCD,Jersey 1,Jersey 2,Unlikley Savior Chyler,Twelve Dragons 2,Fanfare,Cupidity,Blatah.

6/18/03:After a bunch of complaints about non-IE users experiencing probles with viewing the page.So I had to make a new design from scratch and Ta-Da here it is Also have a Big update...9 NEW PICS! McDuffies 1,McDuffies 2,McDuffies 3,Hard Underbelly,Tartarus 1,Tartarus 2,Jack Splat 1,Jack Splat 2,Tropica...whew that's a lot.

6/16/03:UPDATE:5 new,from 2 authors,Constant Flux 1, Constant Flux 2, Constant Flux 3,Digital War 1,Digital War 2.

6/11/03:this site design is big pain in the ass. Itís been a couple of years since Iíve done web design so you wonít be getting any fancy icons on the main page. I got 4 pics up(if you really want there are icons in the archive)here they are.Sawdust,ConSkrew,Squaresville,twelve dragons.

6/9/03:no images this update just wanted to let people know Iím running things.changed the template to a new peach color. donít worry last years stuff is still here. And hey why donít you thank me fro running things by reading ROBOFLAN.

8/6/03: OK as of right now I, Matt Lim, have taken over Keenlace. Lewiscode is bogged down with work so I thought I'd ease up his load. Anyways here are some new pictures: The Lounge, Srdjan1, Srdjan2, Srdjan3, M.E. Charm, and NaWaFiAi, NaWaFiAi2, and NaWaFiAi3. That's all for the updates. I will probably not do anything with the archives since I'm going to do a new site design. Expect a new one when I get back from my vacation near the end of August. Keep submiting though!

8/1/03: One new entry from Nishichi27


8/1/03: New entries in the archives.

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